Other Offences

Below you'll find some screenshots taken from Crime Valley and one from Torn City.

The first screenshot shows the wonderful pornographic options available to the lucky users of Crime Valley. You will also notice how many times 'The Beast Is Back' has been played - maybe an insight into the life of Mr Alexander Borovk. One thing that stood out was the lack of age verification - this is a legal requirement for all pornographic sites. Mr Borovk is literally, illegally supplying porn to minors.

The second screenshot displays the slightly aged catalogue of movies available for illegal streaming and download. Now we've all seen the anti piracy adverts. Come on Alex - you should know better!

Next we have a wonderful list of music available for streaming/download. While free music downloads within Holland are legal, streaming isn't. This doesn't mean that the user is safe though - laws apply to the country the user is in. We also doubt he's paying his licence fee's for streaming music.

Finally we finish with a magnificent showcase of 'Passing Off'. This is where Mr Borovk has sent spam mails within Torn City promoting his game, passing these off to be official adverts. Unfortunately for Alex, this is also illegal.

You're probably wondering now if we're actually serious about all of this - and the answers is yes. If you don't believe us why not Click Here to see what our Lawyers have said.