Conversations with Alexander Borovk

Luckily for Torn, we've got a very dedicated fan base. Unfortunately for Crime Valley - they don't.

We've got some every interesting and incriminating conversations with Mr Alexander Fleshring, where he admits he has stolen intellectual property from Torn City. He also admits to wanting to hack into TC and 'kill it'.

Below you'll find excerpts from two conversations. To prove that they're not out of context, admire some great English and grammar and to read them in their entirety - click on the conversation headers to be taken to the relevant pages.

Conversation 1

Here you'll find Mr Alexander stating he will hack TC, steal TC's items, delete databases and spam people.

Alexander says (19:56):

"we have it all do not worry,
when we are open we have 2000 times beter trces ect ect ect,
you will see"

Alexander says (19:57):

"soem ting have not to be ready yet people are playing and when they are level 15 they go travel zo,
and i want the tc itenms,
i want al tc players,
i gonna hack their ass,
tc is over when we go open i have big big big hack,
delte complete users table,
also i can send mass mails"

Alexander says (19:57):

"tc is old his time os over"

Conversation 2

Here you'll find Mr Alexander showing off his charm and excellent manners.

Alexanderborovk says:

"i hate man who listen to woman,
man with no ball do this,
woman are weak,
that is why they not run big bissnesses,
they can not handle this they talk with their heart sucha shitty thing ... you never gonna go get somewere mate"

You can see from the above conversations what a charming and charismatic young man Mr Borovk is.

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