Alexander says (19:38):

"he owen can you do me small favor friend"

owen says (19:38):

"What is it?"

Alexander says (19:38):

"send me 2 morpines i send you the cash back,
name is nemowee"

Alexander says (19:39):

how are you doing anyway,
game is almost done,
10 more days"

owen says (19:40):


Alexander says (19:40):

"thx man"

owen says (19:40):

"You taken control of her account or she gave it to you?"

Alexander says (19:40):

"she gve it to me,
she not played anymore i ha acocount 38 but get banned,
theyfound my 60 accounts"

Alexander says (19:41):

"level 38 acount i had"

owen says (19:41):

"Someone gave to you or someone lost their account because you borrowed it?"

Alexander says (19:41):

"some player from crime give me this,
no give it to me,
and get the account back,
and i give it back again"

Alexander says (19:44):

"the game is became so nice my friend you will love it,
wanna go in take a look,

owen says (19:44):


Alexander says (19:41):

"but let nobody see ok"

owen says (19:44):

"You done some more to it?"

Alexander says (19:44):

"keep this for yourself ok,
yes man"

owen says (19:44):

"I will do"

Alexander says (19:45):

"we build facion fights now we put in slamchat music,
you bin in before,
you was in before,

owen says (19:45):


Alexander says (19:45):

"ok same adres,
i put the same inlig,

Alexander says (19:46):

"and then login with coolhandluke,
when in go to city and see faction wars"

Alexander says (19:47):

"we now work on a faction fight between 5 to 50 people,

owen says (19:51):

Is that working yet?"

Alexander says (19:51):

"almost we work on this option it's the last big option then we do drugs missions oc;s and we finished,
in your browser,
you see"

Alexander says (19:52):

and push any album,
we gonan put 13.000 music albums also tolisten in top quality"

Alexander says (19:53):

"the site become nice right,
all xasino's work good now"

Alexander says (19:54):

"they all are rebuild for cv"

owen says (19:55):

"You could be a bit more creative with items,
Like when you have staff make their own items,
Rather than having tc's staff items,
Also if you don't have the Feathery Hotel Corporation then how can you have the FHC voucher?"

Alexander says (19:56):

"we have it all do not worry,
when we are open we have 2000 times beter trces ect ect ect,
you will see"

Alexander says (19:57):

"soem ting have not to be ready yet people are playing and when they are level 15 they go travel zo,
and i want the tc itenms,
i want al tc players,
i gonna hack their ass,
tc is over when we go open i have big big big hack,
delte complete users table,
also i can send mass mails"

Alexander says (19:57):

"tc is old his time os over"

owen says (19:58):

"You gonna damage the tc database?,
There is a difference between copying and damaging"

Alexander says (19:58):

"no send massmail"

Alexander says (19:59):

"i can delte his database,
when i go proxy kill his db,
who will know,

go search into china,
but i will not do this"

Alexander says (20:00):

"people will come to me and he will loose at the end trust me,
he is so old,
bad scripted,
he do never nothing to the game,
he have very old terible script,

his time is over,
we gonna change the items,
but first i want his players,
let them get used to ythe game,
first weeks,

Alexander says (20:01):

"i seen so many things,
so many admins who cheat,
so many bugs,
so many hacked,
the game really sucks,
and there is time for a new better one,
i did this before i nl"

Alexander says (20:02):

"make war against the biggest,
he now have 30 online,
he lost,
we won,
he was down for 8 manoths,

owen says (20:02):

"Crime inc doesn't exactally have hundreds of thousands of active,

Alexander says (20:02):

"crimeinc have 12.000 players my friend"

Alexander says (20:03):

"this dutch game had 8000,
in his best time"

owen says (20:03):

"I've been there very few play now"

Alexander says (20:03):

"200 online every day,
when i start fighting him i had 15 online,
look now,
on crimeinc nl and us are 180 people online dude,
look now,

and gambinogame,
was one of the biggest nl game"

Alexander says (20:04):

"have 180 people online,
we kicked his but,
listen i will kill tc,
trust me,
2 years from now,
tc is gine,
wanna bet,
with me,
he will be kpen,
listen not more then 10 k people then look the statics nmow and,
then in 2 years,
you will see"

Alexander says (20:05):

"alex always get what he wants,
and afther open this game,
i open my facebook game,
1 month later,
i make a tc clone for facebook,
so trust me my friend,
i gonna be millionaire,
next year,
that dfor sure,

me crazy and juul,
gonna be very very very rich"

Alexander says (20:06):

"crimeinc was learning my friend,
we could not script 30 months ago,

look now we udse jason and ajax,
people not get this on school yet"

Alexander says (20:07):

"the newest script languages,
people can only dream on,
you will see,
when my game go open,
2000 online,
not 1 problem on 1 server,

look tc,
need 7 servers"

Alexander says (20:08):

"for 1400 people,

but ok i go on working,
when wnan get rich forst you have to work hard"