Welcome to the home of Crime Valley 2

For those of you that are huge fans of the original Crime Valley but hated the way they stole images, ideas, code, items and pretty much just about everything from Torn City, we've got some great news!

Crime Valley is SHUTTING DOWN!

Crime Valley has been in breach of copyright laws since it started business in November 2009. On this website you'll find information about everything that Crime Valley has stolen from Torn City over the years.

Torn City and Chedburn Networks are not taking this lightly, as material & property owned by Chedburn Networks has NOT been removed from Crime Valley - legal action HAS been taken in the form an International Injunction. We are not just putting a word out there - DotaCity was shut down because they listened to our lawyers. Crime Valley has failed to do so, because of this we are taking them to a court of law to have their service terminated and their servers shut down. We are also filing for all damages and losses caused. This includes all profits made by Crime Valley. This Injunction can take up to 9 months to be completed.

For those of you that have no idea what we're talking about Torn City is, was, and always will be the original founders of the designs, scripts, images and all other intellectual property found on our servers - have a quick look below to see the uncanny resemblance between Torn City (Set up in November 2004) and Crime Valley (Set up 5 years later in November 2009). Torn City and Chedburn Networks have no affiliation with Crime Valley, MCCodes or any other gaming engine.

As well as the data and material stolen from Torn City - We delightfully announce the plethora of International laws (Berne Convention) broken; regarding Crime Valley's 'media and pornography streaming' service. To read more about this - Click Here

Torn City (2004) Crime Valley (2009)

Perhaps it's just us, but those newspapers wouldn't fare very well in a 'Spot The Difference' game.

To find out more about Crime Valley's breach of copyright laws - Click Here

17th Jan 2010
From: adambishop
+1 totally agree
17th Jan 2010
From: henryj
I found this on one of the forums at crimevalley and have copied it for your interest."I am under age and i dont understand how the stuff members put all that shit of condoms and vibrators and whores cmon man there's little kids on this game and isntead of putting that you guys should put something to get all the players involved like games betting" This child has been disturbed by some of the pornographic material he has found on crimevalley. Surely there are laws to protect children against this sort of thing?
17th Jan 2010
From: cupsizedd
If you want to be a loser visit crimevalley.com.........want to be a bigger loser then donate.
17th Jan 2010
From: airraidalarm
I was shocked to see that some females are still playing crimevalley.The person who runs crimevalley refers to women as inferior and weak and degrades them by making rape part of his game. Anyone playing this game must be sick but females still playing is beyond belief. Glad to see that it is being dealt with and will be removed soon. Thanks to you and your team.
17th Jan 2010
From: peterman
I've beene playing torn for like 5 years now. i took a look at this crimevalley game and it was a joke. for some reason he things he can steal everything from another game and some how... be successful?
17th Jan 2010
From: DaveGoodman
Alexander Borovk is nothing but the online equivalent of a petty thief.
17th Jan 2010
From: JohnT
Crime valley has what..? 800 people online daily? Thats nothing in comparison. i'm surprised even that many people play it when theres a much better version around. i guess people just want to compete, even if it means playing an inferior game.
17th Jan 2010
From: ginkersam
@AnAngryMother I know!! that alexander guy seems pretty twisted. that game is NOTT for kids. hes one mental soab it seems lol
16th Jan 2010
From: davikos
I hadnet even heard of torn city until i saw this site!!!! wow crimevaalley is just a HUGE ripoff!!!!
16th Jan 2010
From: AnAngryMother
mistakenly i let my son play this game for several weeks and eventually he asked me to buy him a subscription to the game. i didnt know much about the game at the time and when i finally got to saw what he was playing, i was absolutely disgusted. sex toys, penis size, pornography? DISGUSTED
16th Jan 2010
From: mattyzee
The only decent content in crimevalley has been stolen from Torn. The rest of the content is an immature and childish add on from Alexanderborovk. Crimevalley exploits people who do not have the maturity and understanding to find an original game with less childish and pathetic content.
16th Jan 2010
From: Olymphia
no point in playing cv now then, if everytings just gona be deleted in like 5 months.......
16th Jan 2010
From: eveb
I stumbled across crimevalley sometime ago and was horrified by some of its content. A game where players are encouraged to rape and made to think that this is a fun thing to do. Admins encourage players to wear latex gloves to make them more successful. I can only presume that those people who continue to play this game (particularly those who financially support it) are as twisted and sick as its 'developer' Mr Alexander Borovk.
16th Jan 2010
From: Kapikos69
I tried that site out a month ago, It's like they just make up the updates on the spot!!! I mean.. penis size? Anything original which hasn't been stolen from Torn, is just random and seemliny retarded. As if all the good stuff is just stolen, and then added to by a bunch of monkeys!!!
16th Jan 2010
From: jeff2015
LOL SO TRUE, toen city is better than dat shit neway lol
16th Jan 2010
so funny! wud love 2 see the faces of all those donaters to CV who now loose everything.
16th Jan 2010
From: test
16th Jan 2010
From: 123456
16th Jan 2010
From: aaaaa