Breach of Copyright Laws

Crime Valley has breached copyright laws countless times starting with Torn City. Originally every image, item and line of HTML was stolen from Torn. From the images below you can see the similarities between the two layouts.

Despite several letters to the owners and hosts of Crime Valley - they still have Torn's code, layout and images and thusly, are still in breach of Copyright infringement.

To view proof that Torn was created many years before Crime Valley, Crime Inc and any other similar gaming engine - View the Web Archives below:

  • Torn's Web Archive
  • Crime Valley's Web Archive
  • Crime Inc's Web Archive
  • MCCodes's Web Archive
  • (Click on the images to enlarge and hover over for a full description.)

    A picture paints a thousand words!

    As you can see from the images - Mr Borovk has some explaining to do. But that's not all! Crime Valley is also the host to a plethora of illegal downloads, illegal streaming of music and movies not to mention the catalogue of pornography available to minors with absolutely no age verification.

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